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Key Projects

Key Projects

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Rare Metal Smelting Project
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Ø Lithium

ENFI has a long history of providing lithium technology services and has a reputation all over the world. The first lithium salt plant in China -- primary Xinjiang Lithium Salt Plant was designed by ENFI and completed in 1958. After that, ENFI undertook consulting and design for Yichun Tantalum & Niobium Mine Lithium Salt Plant, Sichuan Xiajika Triphane Mine, Tibet Zabuye Lithium Resource Development Project Phase II (lithium extraction from salt lake) and Baiyin Zhabuye Lithium Salt Plant Phase II and Phase II Construction, etc. ENFI provided consultation and design for lithium salt plants such as Xinjiang Haoxin Lithium Salt Project and Shandong Ruifu Lepidolite Project.

ENFI provides services such as consultation, design, and EPC for lithium salt projects:

Lithium extraction from triphane (including sulfuric acid method and autoclaving method)

Lithium extraction from lepidolite (including limestone method and chloridizing roasting)

Extraction of lithium from salt lake

Baiyin Zhabuye Lithium Co., Ltd.

Extraction of Lithium from Lake Zhabuye 

Ø Molybdenum

ENFI has great technical research and engineering design advantages in molybdenum concentrate roasting, ferro-molybdenum smelting, molybdenum chemical and further molybdenum processing area. China's first multiple hearth furnace production line was designed by ENFI and completed in Jinduicheng Molybdenum Smelting Plant (now Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd.) in 1984. Molybdenum pressured leaching - extraction ammonium molybdate production line was completed in Shaanxi Molybdenum Chemical Plant in 1989. ENFI designed a deep molybdenum processing plant by cooperation with Langfang Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Plant, Hebei in 1995. In 2006, ENFI undertook the design of 20,000 t/a molybdenum concentrate multiple hearth furnace production line and 10,000 t/a ferro-molybdenum production line of China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.; in 2008, ENFI undertook the design of 40,000 t/a molybdenum smelting project of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd.. Both the product index and energy consumption parameters reach international leading level.

ENFI provides technical services such as consultation, engineering design and general contracting for smelting projects using multiple hearth furnace, electric furnace and other furnaces to produce molybdenum, molybdenum oxide, and ferro-molybdenum, etc.; and provides whole-process tehnical services for from mining, beneficiation, smelting of molybdenum to deep processing.

Multiple hearth furnace smelting system of China Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

Molybdenum smelting TOPSOE low-concentration sulfuric acid preparation system

Multiple hearth furnace for molybdenum smelting (local)

Ferro-molybdenum production system

Ø Aluminum 

ENFI developed and designed the first alumina production line with series process in China -- 1 million t/a alumina project with series process of Shanxi Jibei Aluminum Co., Ltd. The project includes bauxite and aluminum oxide smelting plant and red mud yard, captive power plant and ash yard, special railway line and other production and supporting facilities. The project was put into operation in 2010. This technology is designed for low aluminum-silica ratio and has good application prospect. In recent years, ENFI also undertook aluminum oxide projects of Jibei Aluminum, Nanshan Aluminum, Kaiman Aluminum, etc.

ENFI provides technical services such as consultation, design and EPC for alumina smelting projects using series process, Bayer process and sintering process to produce alumina.

1 million t alumina production line with series process of Shanxi Jibei Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Aluminum Oxide Project of Shanxi Jibei Aluminum Co., Ltd. 

Ø Germanium

In 1970s, ENFI designed the first germanium concentrate -- Huize germanium production line in China.

ENFI completed extraction of germanium from lead and zinc slag, extraction of germanium from coal ash, and other engineering projects of enterprises such as Nanjing Germanium Co., Ltd., Yunnan Chihong Germanium Co., Ltd., Xilinhot Tongli Germanium Plant, Beijing Guojing Company and Xilingol Mengdong Germanium Technology Co., Ltd. As a design institute, ENFI has designed the most germanium smelting projects in China and thus accumulates rich design and production experience.

ENFI provides technical services such as consultation, design and EPC for germanium smelting projects including germanium extraction from germanium concentrate and coal ash and further processing for germanium products.

CHIHONG Zn & Ge germanium extraction workshop

Xilingol Mengdong Germanium Technology Co., Ltd. under construction

Chlorination section

Ø Titanium oxide by chlorination process

For years, ENFI has been keeping a deep interest in technological development of titanium and established long-term cooperation relationships with several companies. ENFI undertook consultation and design for titanium oxide, titanium sponge and other projects, including: Shandong Zaozhuang Xinlong Titanium Oxide Co., Ltd., Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., Yunnan Metallurgical Group, Yunnan Xinli Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. high titanium slag, Yunnan Jiuzhoulong Titanium Smelting Project, Iran Titanium Sponge/Titanium Oxide Project.

Ø Vanadium

ENFI is among the design institues which are the first to be engaged in research and design, construction and commissioning of vanadium extraction projects, and have completed the most projects. ENFI has engaged in the research, test, design, construction and commissioning of vanadium extraction for 50 years, accumulated rich knowledge and experience in vanadium smelting, and mastered technologies concerning vanadium smelting and waste recycling.

ENFI can provide the following services: extraction of vanadium from different vanadium-containing materials such as vanadium slag, vanadium-containing stone coal, vanadium-containing clay, shale, vanadium-phosphorus ore, molybdenum-cobalt ore, vanadium-containing catalytic agent, and vanadium alloy putty with high yield by different methods.

Ø Zirconium-hafnium

ENFI started experimental study on nuclear-grade zirconium sponge production process in 1960s. After success in Shanghai Heli Pilot Plant, ENFI undertook more than ten projects such as Zunyi 906 Plant zirconium-hafnium workshop design (1968), Guangzhou Ferroalloy Plant atomic energy level zirconium sponge plant, and Jinzhou Ferroalloy Plant zirconium plant design (1997~1998) in succession, from which ENFI accumulated a lot of scientific research, process design and production experience, and developed special equipment for the production of zirconium and hafnium.

ENFI has rich experience in zirconium-hafnium project as the main research and development unit and provider of nuclear grade zirconium-hafnium sponge production technology, and provider of production technology and special equipment technology.

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